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To create a world-class destination for living, business and tourism. We strive to create truly iconic developments that make a huge contribution to the improvement of people’s lives and opportunities. We are inspired as people and inspire others to achieve remarkable things. We aim to be seen around the world as setting the standards for creativity, ingenuity and enterprise. Pallas’s brand promise...


Pallas has received endorsement from the relevant authorities to start 6 property development projects in South East Asia. Utilizing innovative modular construction methods combined with the latest technology in building materials Pallas will construct Kulen City in Siem Reap and French Riviera Marina in Kampot, Cambodia. City of Flowers in Dalat and La Marina in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Marina Bay City...


Pallas creates wealth and long term value for its clients by delivering high-end unique and desirable developments for the world’s elite. The concept behind our projects is to bring leaders and innovators together within a sustainable and exclusive community. By committing to own a prestigious Pallas property you will be joining and mixing with the very top tier of society. We aim to also invest in supporting manufacturing...


Kulen City is an exclusive integrated 2,500ha prime development in Siem Reap Cambodia...

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Frech Riviera Marina, Kampot, Cambodia Exclusive Coastal Community in Southern...

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Pallas Group is one of the world’s largest real estate developers. Driven by the desire to become an influential part of the realization of Vietnam’s and Cambodia’s vision for the 21st century through the creation of world-class destinations for living, business and tourism, Pallas Group is planning to build an iconic portfolio of innovative landmark projects. With a host of world famous projects covering a range of sectors like residential, commercial, retail, leisure and Film & Television production. Pallas Group developments are an integral part of our projects and the landscape, creating a legacy built on thought, leadership and pioneering innovations that will inspire generations to come.

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