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Financing services

Pallas investment and Development offers a variety of unique solutions to innovators and early stage companies such as creating a solid capital base and enhancing corporate growth in order to take a strategic position in international markets and providing funds for pioneering projects and developments.
The bottom line of our work is to achieve the best results for you and yourcompany, on a financial and operational level. We are looking forward to meeting you andlearning more about your business needs.

Project Funding

You have a powerful innovation, a remarkable concept for a movie or TV series an innovative model or a lucrative business ideaand desire to realize your vision? You are seeking capital of over USD$50 million?

Scenario A
You have sufficient capital and solely seeking the appropriate contacts to getyour project off the ground? We will serve you in finding such contacts.

Scenario B
You have some equity capital, which however is insufficient to launch yourproject, though you have the business concept and contacts in place? We will closethe gap by sourcing additional funding.

Scenario C
You have some equity capital, and seeking the right contacts to realize yourproject? We will supplement both for you to get you off the ground.

Scenario D
You have no equity capital and are having a hard time to find the necessarybusiness contacts? We will arrange for you the necessary capital and also thecontacts you need to succeed.

Note: After funding we will guide and advise you on your further path until youhave reached your goal. Inquire about our professional services today.

Pallas investment and Development provides insightful and objective advice to help ourcorporate and institutional clients achieve their financial and strategic goals.

We are a private investment firm primarily serving growth companies in the real estate development, manufacturing, communications, media and technology sectors with a comprehensive array of services, including Merger & Acquisition Advisory, Debt and Equity Financing, andRestructuring Advisory. Our senior professionals leverage a combination ofextensive transaction experience and deep industry expertise to deliveroutstanding results for our clients.

Pallas investment and Development’s senior team is comprised of professionals who haveheld leadership roles at the largest corporations worldwide.

Our team members work cohesively and combine deep industry knowledge and complex transactional capability to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Collectively, our team members have executed more than a thousand transactions over the course oftheir careers.

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