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The Team

The Team

Our Renowned Team


An entrepreneur with active interests in real estate development, retail and luxury hospitality, Dennis Deny is the founder and president of the board Pallas Group, a private investment and real estate development company. One of the world’s most admired real estate development companies, with the legendary resources in four international markets. Graduated in finance and business administration at the University of Seattle in the United States, Mr. Dennis also has an honorary doctorate from the University, and serves on the board. A keen sportsman.


Miss Siriluck Vice president was the Pallas Group since its inception Responsible for helping a company to achieve financial goals and objectives and increase operating performance. Prepares budgets, creates businesses plans, and solves internal issues as they arise.

Communicate company strategy to board of directors.
Attend board meetings.
Oversee revenue generation.
Preside over operations.
Identify ways to maximize revenue.
Work with audit committee to prepare budgets.
Analyze financial reports.
Ensure company policies and procedures are followed by each department.
Attract, retain and motivate staff.
Report and share information with the board to ensure they are kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it.
Work alongside community leaders, executive directors, major donors/funders, government officials, and senior staff/board members.


Miss. Thu Van, chief executive officer, was the Pallas Group since its inception. An experienced professional in the real estate business, it is responsible for the overall management of Pallas Group and oversees the planning, monitoring and managing the execution, systems and processes, legal, financial and tax planning for the company. Ms. Thu Van has more than ten years of experience in finance. A certified Chartered .It Graduate Accounting from the National University of Singapore second-class honors.


Mr. Zoran Gligov Turkowich CFO, joined Pallas Group, from the beginning, Mr. Turk’s has over 35 years experience of financial management, compliance, audit and consulting. And began his career with one of the largest professional audit, tax, and advisory services firms in the world. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Turkowich. Pallas Turkowich worked in European development funds, in various roles, including CFO of the various business segments, the head of Internal Audit and Executive Director – Operations Group and business development. He is responsible for financial and IT functions of the Foundation including the financial management of international entities Pallas Group.


Mr. Constantine George Stojanowich Executive Director of Development and Projects Head of contracts, has over 15 year’s professional experience working on international construction projects. His integrated contractual and legal experience covers various aspects of pre and post contracts stages. joined Pallas Group from the beginning. Konstantin over 40 years of professional experience in the industry, real estate development and before entering Pallas Group was the senior director for development in the largest companies in the world, Russia, USA, UAE, where he was part of the team since its inception in development. Several years as Development Manager for Uptown in Dubai and was named director of development in charge of the project. Constantine was sales and marketing manager for the investment company of Dubai-based. From 1995 to 2006 he worked in a number of real estate companies. And United Group for highway development – in a number of positions, including a site engineer, project manager and business development manager, Konstantin graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture in Moscow University of Fine Arts in 1995, a master’s degree in International Business Administration from the Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Selling APPLIQUEES in Paris, France. He also received a number of additional certificates, including: becoming a candidate for a commercial real estate investment Institute of Chicago, received a certificate in Project Management at the American University in Cairo, and one of the Chambre de Commerce et de l’Industrie de Paris.


Mr. Sompong Sakuhap, Executive Director Thailand, joined Pallas Group from the beginning Mr. Sompong is responsible for the Pallas Group ventures in Thailand. He works closely with the Group Chief Executive advising on the Thailand strategy, monitoring activities in the country, as well as managing the ventures in Thailand. He has over two decades of experience working in Thailand. He was previously with Citibank and other Financial Institutions. He has worked in the banking, asset management and venture capital industry. He has also recently performed advisory roles providing companies with advice on their multi-billion investments into Dubai. Mr. Sompong holds an Investment Advice Certificate from the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


Ms. Daisy Bradley, Executive Director of Human Resource & and Advisor, joined Pallas Group from the beginning, is responsible for the implementation of services for human resources, policies and programs. Her experience through a variety of industries, including manufacturing, real estate
Development sector, retail and hospitality.


Mr. Ben , General Manager, Pallas Group joined the company in 2015, bringing with him more than 15 years experience in real estate and asset management.
Mr. Ben is responsible for overseeing the operation of day-to-day Pallas including public affairs, media, public relations and community and overall management Pallas Group.
In addition to driving the operations of the company, he is currently responsible for overseeing and strengthening Pallas Group presence in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.


MR. Sophanna
Executive Director – Head of International Sales and Marketing at Pallas Group
Joined the company in 2016.
He is primarily responsible for the promotion of Pallas Group real estate portfolio in Cambodia on the international clientele.
We have a growing team of experts committed to delivering innovation, sustainability and positive impact over the long term. We strive to create inspiring cities of the future that cater to the requirements of the population. Our highly revered management team have extensive international experience within the industry; and share their knowledge and expertise to drive the company vision.

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